Founded in 2020 with a vision of rebirth for avant-garde exotic skin luxury goods, by incorporating quality with sustainability.

Creative director and designer Carolina Monroy Rosso has brought the “renaissance” of exotic-skin fashion by combining luxury, quality, creativity, and ethics. Focusing on the spirit of natural beauty with standards of excellence.

Rosso incorporates the best of the designer's background. The natural and exotic qualities of the tropics in Bolivia, the artistic quality of Italy, the classic elegance of Paris, diversity of London, daringness of Miami, and fantasy of Prague. This brand is a global fashion house that targets all those who value quality and exclusivity, merged with a deeper sense of purpose - rendering help and protection to the Amazon and the native tribes within it. 

The crocodile skin procured for the creation of all goods comes from the Amazon rainforest and is sourced and bought from the native tribes, original to this region. These indigenous groups have had their habitat threatened by numerous and worsening rainforest fires, the constant threat of expansive urbanization, and the constant spread of the agro-industry.

In order to strengthen their standing in their natural habitat - the Amazonian jungle - and to reduce the illegal hunt of species native to this region, an official program was launched by the Bolivian government in conjunction with various national and international organizations.
This program restricts the amount of crocodiles that can be hunted per year, and allows the native tribes to sell the skins of the crocodiles they hunt for nourishment, to specific and certified institutional buyers.

Consequently, each item purchased from our brand contributes to a greater cause as it makes an impact on the preservation of the Amazon, and on the lives of the native indigenous people within it. 

Founded not only to provide luxury goods of pristine quality and aesthetics, but also with the fundamental basis of serving a greater purpose.