Inspiration & Special Features

The inspiration for the iconic “début” collection arises from Leonardo Da Vinci’s “L’uomo Vitruviano”, the pyramids of Gyza, “La Pyramide du Louvre”, and renaissance works of art. Marked by geometric forms, symmetry, straight and curved lines from the combination of patterns between the authentic crocodile skin, the perfect hand stitching and the unique shapes of the items, this initial collection is crafted to depict the very essence of fine art.

The special features of our brand are centered around the essence of "ROSSO". Our customers will always enjoy a red calfskin interior in each of our bags, showing the trademark of our brand, established by the meaning of our name - "Rosso", red in Italian. 
The hardware pieces in our collection bring out detailing, shine and adorn the items exquisitely. These pieces are procured from Italy to assure the finest quality, durability, and aesthetics.

The authentic crocodile skin utilized is sourced from native tribes of the Amazon jungle through an official government program that allows the tribes to sell the crocodiles they hunt for nourishment, helping them sustain themselves and remain in their natural habitat. The program in question only allows for the hunt of a specific number of crocodiles per year, reducing the amount of crocodiles hunted, trying to eliminate illegal trade, and allowing for a sustainable way to support the native communities that benefit from these sales.

This not only helps the people of these numerous indigenous tribes to remain in their natural habitat, yet it also helps the Amazon rainforest to maintain its original state by discouraging invasion and destruction of the jungle where these native tribes reside. Furthermore, this program has been reinforced by national and international organizations. Among these: "The Bolivian Ministry of the Environment & Water", "The Confederation of Indigenous People of Bolivia", "The Indigenous Council of the People of Tacana", "The Wildlife Conservation Society", and various industry leaders.